5 Best Monthly Gift Boxes for Snack Enthusiasts

5 Best Monthly Gift Boxes for Snack Enthusiasts

5 Best Monthly Gift Boxes for Snack Enthusiasts

Looking for the perfect gift for snack enthusiasts? We’ve asked six snack-loving business leaders to share their favorite monthly subscription boxes. From Graze to SnackCrate, discover the best options to satisfy any snack lover’s cravings.

  • Graze: Wholesome, Customized Snacks
  • NatureBox: Healthy and Affordable
  • SnackNation: Expertly Curated Variety
  • Universal Yums: International Taste Adventure
  • SnackCrate: Global Snacking Experience

Graze: Wholesome, Customized Snacks

“One of the best monthly subscription boxes to gift snack enthusiasts isGraze. Their unique selection of snacks includes a variety of wholesome and delicious options, including protein bars, nuts and seeds mixes, natural crisps and popcorn, dried fruits, sweet treats, and more—all tailored to individual tastes. Plus, they offer free delivery on orders of five or more boxes, so it’s easy to get a variety of delicious snacks each month.”

Scott OrnScott Orn
Chief Operating Officer, Kruze Consulting

NatureBox: Healthy and Affordable

NatureBox is one of the best monthly subscription boxes to gift snack enthusiasts. This box contains snacks that are made with all-natural, wholesome ingredients and no artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners. Plus, they offer a variety of delicious options to choose from, such as trail mix, granola bars, popcorn clusters, nuts and seeds, dried fruit, and much more.

The box is also extremely affordable at just $5 a month and comes with free shipping in the US. NatureBox’s delicious snacks make it an excellent gift for any snack enthusiast who loves natural foods.

All boxes come with a range of exciting new snacks to discover every month, which makes it even more special. NatureBox is definitely one of the best monthly subscription boxes to gift snack enthusiasts.”

Justin CarpenterJustin Carpenter
Owner, Modern Maids

SnackNation: Expertly Curated Variety

“I have researched and found that the perfect monthly subscription box for snack enthusiasts isSnackNation. It offers a wide variety of healthy and delicious snacks from the best brands curated by experts.

According to a survey by the Specialty Food Association, the snack industry is growing rapidly, with snack sales increasing by 4.5% in 2020. As more people are looking for healthy and convenient snack options, SnackNation offers a curated selection of snacks that cater to various dietary needs and preferences.

One real-life example is of a SnackNation subscriber who received their first box and was delighted with the variety and quality of the snacks. They particularly enjoyed the Beanitos chips and the Emmy’s Organics cookies, which were not only tasty but also healthy and organic.”

Himanshu SharmaHimanshu Sharma
CEO and Founder, Academy of Digital Marketing

Universal Yums: International Taste Adventure

“If you want to impress any snack enthusiast with unique and tasty treats from all over the world, Universal Yums is the perfect choice. With a subscription to Universal Yums box, your loved one will receive a carefully curated selection of snacks, candies, and treats from a different country each month. The boxes include not only popular items but also hard-to-find snacks that can’t be found in local stores.

Each box contains an informative booklet that provides cultural and historical information about the country’s snacks, making it a fun and educational experience. Overall, Universal Yums is an excellent gift that offers an exciting and exotic taste experience to satisfy any snack lover’s cravings.”

Basana SahaBasana Saha
Founder, KidsCareIdeas

SnackCrate: Global Snacking Experience

SnackCrate stands out for its diverse selection of snacks from around the world, making it a delightful surprise for those with an adventurous palate. Each month, subscribers receive a curated box filled with an assortment of unique and authentic snacks from different countries.

This subscription box offers the opportunity to explore a wide range of flavors, textures, and cultural snacks that may not be readily available locally. It provides a fun and convenient way to discover new favorites and indulge in international treats with no extensive travel.

With its variety and global appeal, SnackCrate is an excellent choice for snack enthusiasts who crave a global snacking experience delivered right to their doorstep.”

Sai BlackbyrnSai Blackbyrn
CEO, Coach Foundation

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