Family-Friendly Tech: 5 Kid-Friendly Car Gadgets for Stress-Free Rides

Family-Friendly Tech: 5 Kid-Friendly Car Gadgets for Stress-Free Rides

Family-Friendly Tech: 5 Kid-Friendly Car Gadgets for Stress-Free Rides

Embarking on family road trips can be a delightful yet daunting experience, especially with kids in tow. We gathered the best tips from Founders and Ecommerce Managers to make your journeys more enjoyable. From the simplicity of car seat mirrors to the creativity of travel journals, discover five kid-friendly car gadgets that promise stress-free adventures.

  • Invest in Car Seat Mirrors
  • Personalize Portable DVD Players
  • Organize with Multi-Pocket Holders
  • Utilize Multi-Use Activity Trays
  • Encourage Use of Travel Journals

Invest in Car Seat Mirrors

When I had my first, I was constantly pulling the car over or stopping in a parking lot whenever there was any crying in the backseat. Typically, everything was fine, but it’s hard to ignore your baby’s crying or coach them when you can’t tell what’s going on. Then I found the car seat mirror.

With two kids under three years of age, our family could not survive without each child having their own mirror. Now I can quickly determine if someone’s upset because they dropped a toy, or if the wailing is due to something more serious like a bloody nose. Britax, Itomoro, and Lusso are a few great brands, and at $30-$40 each, these mirrors are well worth the peace of mind they deliver for parents.

Bonus: when we are stopped at red lights, I can make goofy faces and interact with the kids! I definitely recommend them for any family with young children.

Amy JohnsonAmy Johnson
Founder and Blogger,

Personalize Portable DVD Players

A game-changer for our family trips has been the use of a personalized portable DVD player featuring individual screens for each child. This has proven invaluable as it minimizes disagreements over entertainment choices, allowing each child to enjoy their favorite shows or movies.

To ensure stress-free journeys, my family and I follow a personalized approach by creating a “travel kit” with snacks, games, and small surprises. Personally, I find that gradually introducing new items along the way keeps the excitement alive. This thoughtful preparation, combined with the personalized entertainment from the gadget, has truly transformed our family travels, making them more enjoyable and peaceful.

Jon LynnJon Lynn
Founder, My Office Pod

Organize with Multi-Pocket Holders

A car gadget that is great for family trips is an organizer with multiple pockets and compartments. These organizers can help keep the car neat, and these compartments can be filled with snacks, drinks, toys, coloring books, and other travel-friendly games. This organizer makes it easy for kids to access their belongings and reduces the clutter in the car. Plus, it is easily accessible for the kids during the family trip. Some organizers will also have a built-in tray or a tablet holder that will allow the kids to enjoy snacks or watch videos with no mess.

Madison TMadison T
Ecommerce Manager, My Supplement Store

Utilize Multi-Use Activity Trays

A kid-friendly car gadget that has significantly enhanced family trips is the use of multi-use trays. These trays are ingenious in providing a designated space for children to eat and play without the hassle of losing pieces or dealing with spills.

They come equipped with compartments and secure edges, creating a convenient and contained area for snacks, toys, and activities. This not only keeps the car organized but also minimizes stress during journeys, allowing parents to focus on the road while ensuring an enjoyable and mess-free experience for the kids.

Andrew ChungAndrew Chung
Founder, Best Cafe Designs

Encourage Use of Travel Journals

A travel journal is a unique and creative way to engage children during family trips. It allows them to reflect, draw, and write about their experiences, fostering creativity and mindfulness. Children can document interesting sights, funny anecdotes, or even sketch their favorite landmarks. This not only keeps them occupied but also creates a lasting memory of the trip.

For example, a child may write about the delicious ice cream they had at a roadside stand or draw a picture of a beautiful sunset they saw from the car window. With a travel journal, children can express themselves, learn about storytelling, and develop their artistic skills while enjoying stress-free journeys.

Roy LauRoy Lau
Co-Founder, 28 Mortgage

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