What Are Good Gifts for Foodies?

What Are Good Gifts for Foodies?

What Are Good Gifts for Foodies?

Looking for the perfect gift for the foodie in your life? We’ve asked eight experts, including food bloggers, chefs, and marketing executives, for their top recommendations. From a monthly specialty food subscription to a Michelin-starred dining adventure, discover the best gifts to delight any food enthusiast.

  • Monthly Specialty Food Subscription
  • Discover New Cities and Cuisines
  • Gift a Quality Chef’s Knife
  • Worldly Spices Gift Box
  • Personal Chef Services
  • Gourmet Cooking Class Experience
  • Cooking Books or Journals
  • Michelin-Starred Dining Adventure

Monthly Specialty Food Subscription

“I think the best gift that I could give a foodie would be a monthly subscription to a specialty food store that would send them something new to try every month. This can be for cheese, wine, chocolates, spices, and tea, to name a few.

As for why, all foodies love to try new things constantly, whether it’s something general or related to a specific food group. The gift can easily be tailored to the budget of the giver, as there are many options for the type of subscription and the length of the subscription. This would be a gift that keeps giving, and the receiver will remember you every time they get a delivery.”

Nosheen BabarNosheen Babar
Owner and CEO of a Food Blog, Untold Recipes By Nosheen LLC

Discover New Cities and Cuisines

“A trip to a never-before-visited city or country would be an excellent gift for a foodie friend. Foodies thrive on discovering new restaurants and dishes, so sending them somewhere new would be like putting a kid in a candy store. Every meal or snack would hold the possibility of leading to a significant discovery.”

Midori ImMidori Im
Principal, Sweet Spot

Gift a Quality Chef’s Knife

“If they like to cook, the best gift for a foodie, hands down, is a good quality chef’s knife. It’s something they’ll use every single time they cook, and nothing feels better than using a great knife when you’re cooking. Ideally, they’ll be able to pick it themselves so they get one that feels perfect in their own hand.”

Robin DonovanRobin Donovan
Food Blogger, All Ways Delicious

Worldly Spices Gift Box

“A gift box filled with spices from around the world is always an exciting gift for a foodie! You can find spice companies that offer their gift boxes, or you can have fun creating a personalized spice box with jars with homemade labels, or even create your own homemade spice blends for gifting.”

Kristen WoodKristen Wood
Food Writer, Photographer, Cookbook Author, and Recipe Developer, MOON and spoon and yum

Personal Chef Services

“I’d like to propose a CookinGenie gift card as the ideal gift for foodies. Instead of regular food gifts, we offer a unique, home-based gourmet dining experience.

With our gift card, recipients can enjoy a meal prepared by skilled chefs tailored to their preferences right in their own kitchens. It’s an immersive culinary adventure that combines luxury, customization, and an educational experience in a comfortable environment. Let’s revolutionize foodie gifting together!”

Devendra SinghDevendra Singh
Senior Executive Digital Marketing, CookinGenie

Gourmet Cooking Class Experience

“Food is something that you can give the same item to a person every year, and it won’t fill their closets. And if the recipient is a foodie, then nothing is better than giving them a gourmet cooking or baking class.

This type of gift provides an opportunity for the foodie to enhance their cooking skills, learn new techniques, and explore different dishes. It offers a hands-on experience, allowing them to indulge in their passion for food and expand their knowledge.

Cooking classes often provide expert guidance, insider tips, and a chance to interact with fellow food enthusiasts. It’s a gift that combines education, entertainment, and the joy of creating delicious dishes.

The foodie can gain inspiration, discover new flavors, and develop their own unique cooking style. Ultimately, this gift is the best gift for a food lover and empowers the foodie to further indulge in their love for food.”

Rob SmithRob Smith
Head Chef, Your Private Chef

Cooking Books or Journals

“There are many gifts for a foodie, but in my point of view, the best gift to give them is a cooking book or a journal. With this, they can cook and try new foods. With blank pages for writing recipes, notes, and memories, it becomes a cherished collectible and a creative outlet for their cooking passion.

It encourages them to explore their own unique flavors and techniques while also serving as a functional reference for their favorite recipes. This gift combines the joy of cooking with preserving their culinary journey, making it a heartfelt and personalized choice for any foodie.”

Miguel PalmaMiguel Palma
Gardener, JardinTienda

Michelin-Starred Dining Adventure

“For foodies, no gift is better than food. Foodies appreciate exceptional food and dining experiences. Gifting a reservation at a famous or Michelin-starred restaurant in your area allows them to indulge in gourmet cuisine and experience expertly crafted dishes. It’s an opportunity to enjoy fine dining, explore unique flavor combinations, and appreciate the artistry of culinary creations.

This type of gift goes beyond just a physical item and offers a memorable and sentimental experience centered on their passion for food. Foodies will never forget a good quality dining experience, and it will be an emotional attachment that goes beyond material possessions. So, the best gift will take them out on a Food Tour.”

Tom LawsonTom Lawson
Head of Marketing, The Kitchens Edge

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