Coffee on the Go: 4 Essential Travel Coffee Accessories

Coffee on the Go: 4 Essential Travel Coffee Accessories

Coffee on the Go: 4 Essential Travel Coffee Accessories

When it comes to crafting the perfect cup of coffee on your travels, we’ve gathered essential advice from seasoned travelers and coffee aficionados. From the necessity of a portable coffee grinder to the convenience of a collapsible pour-over, discover the top four must-pack coffee accessories recommended by our business owner and director, and founder.

  • Pack a Portable Coffee Grinder
  • Bring a Portable Espresso Maker
  • Never Forget the AeroPress
  • Choose a Collapsible Pour-Over

Pack a Portable Coffee Grinder

The one travel coffee accessory that is an absolute must-pack for me on all my adventures is a portable coffee grinder. Having freshly ground coffee makes all the difference when you’re on the road or camping, and taking a grinder with you ensures you can brew a great cup no matter where you are.

A hand grinder like the Hario Skerton is perfect—it’s small, lightweight, and easy to use. Just add some whole bean coffee, and you’re ready to grind each morning for the freshest, most flavorful brew.

I’ll never forget the time my trusty Hario and I were backpacking through Patagonia. We’d been hiking all day and decided to set up camp near a beautiful mountain lake as the sun was setting. I fired up my camp stove, boiled some water, and freshly ground some local beans I’d picked up in town.

The rich aroma of the grinding beans and the scent of the freshly brewed coffee was amazing after a long day on the trail. That first sip, looking out over the mountain vista at sunset, was heavenly. Having real, fresh coffee made the experience complete. That’s why I never travel without my portable grinder!

Mac SteerMac Steer
Owner and Director, Simify

Bring a Portable Espresso Maker

No adventure is complete for me without a perfect cup of coffee. My must-pack travel coffee accessory is a portable espresso maker. It’s compact, easy to use, and brews a delicious shot of espresso, no matter where I am.

During one of my treks in the Himalayas, I found myself craving a good cup of coffee in the freezing temperatures. With my portable espresso maker, I was able to quickly brew a warm, rich cup of coffee that not only helped fight the cold but also uplifted my spirits.

So, if you’re a coffee lover like me, investing in a portable espresso maker can be a game-changer. It enables you to enjoy a quality cup of coffee anytime, anywhere, adding an extra layer of comfort to your travels. Because sometimes, it’s the little things like enjoying your favorite brew amid nature that make an adventure truly memorable.

Swena KalraSwena Kalra
Chief Marketing Officer, Scott & Yanling Media Inc.

Never Forget the AeroPress

I don’t ever travel without my AeroPress. It packs light, it’s compact, and it’s virtually unbreakable—all essentials when your bag is being thrown around domestic and international airports! I’ve found the AeroPress has saved me many times when traveling for business or on holiday when I’ve found it hard to find a great cafe nearby, and it brews a great cup most of the time, even if the grind isn’t optimal, so I’ve found it to be quite forgiving of mistakes.

One of the coolest things about it, though, is that it seems built for travel. I also take a hand grinder with me, and both Porlex and 1Zpresso (my favorite) make hand grinder models that fit directly inside the AeroPress, saving precious travel space. After traveling a lot, one thing I found I needed to make my travel coffee setup complete was a decent travel mug, because hotels have various shapes and sizes of cups and mugs, and the AeroPress requires a standard-sized mug for best results.

Rob LambertRob Lambert
Director, Flowers Across™

Choose a Collapsible Pour-Over

My ultimate must-have travel coffee accessory when traveling is a reliable, collapsible pour-over coffee maker. Picture this: positioned on the rim of a miraculous cliff, sunrise coloring it red, and there I sit with my sanity brew. This small treasure opens to show a coffee marvel. I distinctly recall having been smack in the middle of an impenetrable forest, only able to hear nature around me. I created a ritual in the regular routine with my portable pour-over.

The essence of the freshly ground beans and the earthy forest air together created a magical smell. Not only does it have to do with the coffee, but also with what is around. This travel partner has transformed so many ordinary moments into wonderful memories, ensuring that my adventures are not only determined by the place of destination but also by every sip.

Manish ShresthaManish Shrestha
Founder, BiheBazaar Pvt Ltd

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