Page-Turning Scents: 7 Literary Candles and Fragrances You Admire

Page-Turning Scents: 7 Literary Candles and Fragrances You Admire

Page-Turning Scents: 7 Literary Candles and Fragrances You Admire

In the quest to find the perfect scent that encapsulates the essence of beloved literature, we’ve gathered perspectives from a Plastic Surgeon & Medical Director, to a Creative Director, and beyond. These aficionados share their personal favorites, from the summer-infused RISE to the thought-provoking Orwell’s Newspeak Smoke. Alongside these expert opinions, we also present additional answers that offer a diverse olfactory journey through the pages of classic novels.

  • RISE: Summer Scented Memories
  • Vanilla: A Nostalgic Literary Bridge
  • Hemingway’s Oakmoss: Bold Forest Essence
  • Poe’s Midnight Dreary: Eerie Aromatic Charm
  • Brontë’s Moorland Mist: Wild Yorkshire Spirit
  • Austen’s Rose Garden: Regency Romance Aroma
  • Orwell’s Newspeak Smoke: Dystopian Fragrance

RISE: Summer Scented Memories

One of my favorite fragrances is our signature candle, RISE, which beautifully blends the summer scents of Michigan and California. This unique aroma combines fresh, natural elements that remind me of tranquil beach days and sunlit forests.

The refreshing notes evoke memories of some of my favorite books set in serene, nature-filled landscapes. It’s a perfect way to bring the essence of summer into any space, creating a calming and invigorating atmosphere that complements both relaxation and focus.

David Hill, MDDavid Hill, MD
Plastic Surgeon & Medical Director, Fulcrum Aesthetics & Surgery

Vanilla: A Nostalgic Literary Bridge

While I don’t have a specific literary candle, there is one fragrance that truly stands out to me: vanilla. The warm, sweet scent of vanilla instantly transports me back to the times when I would immerse myself in the romantic pages of Me Before You by Jojo Moyes.

There’s something incredibly comforting and nostalgic about the aroma of vanilla. It evokes a sense of coziness and intimacy, mirroring the profound emotions and tender moments shared between the characters Louisa and Will. Every time I catch a whiff of vanilla, I’m reminded of those late-night reading sessions where I’d get lost in their story, feeling every bit of their joy, heartbreak, and hope.

Vanilla isn’t just a scent for me; it’s a bridge to the heartfelt memories of experiencing Me Before You for the first time. It’s amazing how a single fragrance can capture the essence of a book and bring its memories vividly back to life.

Marissa SabrinaMarissa Sabrina
Creative Director, LeadLearnLeap

Hemingway’s Oakmoss: Bold Forest Essence

Immersing oneself into the essence of Hemingway’s Oakmoss is akin to delving into a classic narrative full of bold quests and uncharted territories. The scent evokes the essence of dense forests and the earthiness of undergrowth, creating an olfactory backdrop for tales of valor and exploration. As each note unfolds, it hints at the untold stories that lie within the pages of Hemingway’s work, transporting the mind to a world of ceaseless adventure.

It embodies the very spirit of those who dare to live their lives expansively. Allow Hemingway’s Oakmoss to spark your imagination and carry you on a literary journey of epic proportions.

Poe’s Midnight Dreary: Eerie Aromatic Charm

Poe’s Midnight Dreary, with its rich and enigmatic aroma, brings to life the haunted charm of Edgar Allan Poe’s classic tales. The fragrance is imbued with the quintessence of a moonlit, autumn night, where the whispers of the past become almost tangible in the air.

Breathing in its scent, one might easily envision themselves amidst the eerie grandeur of a gothic scene, inviting contemplation of the macabre and romantic elements found within Poe’s prose.

This fragrance is designed to provide a sensory experience akin to delving into one’s favorite suspense-filled pages. Dare to partake in the mystery and allow Poe’s Midnight Dreary to envelop you in its spectral world.

Brontë’s Moorland Mist: Wild Yorkshire Spirit

Brontë’s Moorland Mist captures the untamed spirit of the Yorkshire moors, a central element in the tempestuous tales penned by the Brontë sisters.

The fragrance carries the aroma of dew-laden heather and the crisp, clean air that sweeps across wild and sprawling landscapes. It’s as though one can hear the echo of Catherine’s ghostly cries and feel Heathcliff’s brooding presence with each waft.

The scent provides a vivid sensory link to the passionate and stormy narratives that stir the hearts of classic literature aficionados. Let Brontë’s Moorland Mist envelop you in the essence of a timeless literary masterpiece and inspire you to brave your own wild moorland adventure.

Austen’s Rose Garden: Regency Romance Aroma

Austen’s Rose Garden captures the essence of walking through the delicate and refined gardens of a regency estate, much like those written about in Jane Austen’s cherished novels.

The scent is composed with the elegance and propriety of an era defined by courtship and social standings, mingled with the blooms of tender romance. It carries one away to an idyllic scene of leisurely garden strolls and whispered conversations beneath rose-covered trellises.

Invoking the genteel charm of Austen’s characters, this fragrance invites you to lose yourself in a world of classic love stories and societal intricacies. Engage your senses in the tender romance of Austen’s Rose Garden and be inspired to pen a love letter in the spirit of a bygone era.

Orwell’s Newspeak Smoke: Dystopian Fragrance

Orwell’s Newspeak Smoke offers an olfactory embodiment of the chilling atmosphere found in George Orwell’s dystopian narratives. The scent is laden with the stark, smoky notes that evoke images of a forbidding reality cloaked in shadow and controlled by an omnipresent authority. It carries the weight of an oppressive regime and the faint flickers of rebellion that underpin the themes of Orwell’s cautionary works.

The fragrance is crafted to stir the senses while prompting reflection on the complexities of power and freedom as portrayed in Orwellian literature. Brave this bold scent of Orwell’s Newspeak Smoke, and let it serve as a reminder to always question and challenge the status quo.

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