7 Best Father’s Day Gifts for Expecting Fathers

7 Best Father's Day Gifts for Expecting Fathers

7 Best Father’s Day Gifts for Expecting Fathers

To help you find the perfect gift for an expecting father on Father’s Day, we reached out to founders, CEOs, and marketing professionals for their top recommendations. From a smartwatch for health and time management to a personalized journal for the emotional journey, discover the seven thoughtful gift ideas these experts suggest for celebrating soon-to-be dads.

  • Smartwatch for Health and Time Management
  • Heirloom Video Book to Preserve Memories
  • Fatherhood Book for Guidance and Insight
  • Functional and Stylish Diaper Bag
  • Dad Jokes Book for Laughter and Joy
  • Promote Equal Parenting With Books
  • Personalized Journal for Emotional Journey

Smartwatch for Health and Time Management

“A smartwatch with a health tracker is the ideal gift for expecting fathers, especially on Father’s Day. It can help fathers stay on top of their health goals by tracking their daily activities, including their sleep, steps, and heart rate.

This would help them prepare for the physical and mental challenges of fatherhood. With its various features, such as alarms and reminders, it can also help them manage their time effectively to balance work and family life.

The watch can help them connect with their partners and baby by receiving notifications of important events and messages. Overall, a smartwatch with a health tracker is a thoughtful and practical gift that would support and encourage expecting fathers during this exciting and challenging time.”

Jefferson McCallJefferson McCall
Co-founder and HR Head, TechBullish

Heirloom Video Book to Preserve Memories

“Expectant fathers are creating questions faster than they can get them answered! Many attend classes and even more read books to learn what to expect about their new baby. They watch how their home is becoming smaller as the little child seems to need so much stuff.

What they know for sure already is their desire to preserve these moments in life. And there is no greater way than through taking photos and videos.

Then, another question arises, what to do to keep these images organized and easy to share? Heirloom Video Book is a physical book that plays videos and photos. This will become a very meaningful gift, given blank and ready to load with sweet videos and photos of the new baby.”

Ashley KennyAshley Kenny
Founder, Heirloom

Fatherhood Book for Guidance and Insight

“I highly recommend giving an expecting father a book on fatherhood as a Father’s Day gift. Becoming a father is a life-changing experience, and a book that provides guidance and insight will be a valuable resource.

The book can cover topics such as parenting techniques, how to bond with the newborn, and strategies for balancing work and family life. It will also provide a platform for the expecting father to learn from other dads and prepare for the journey ahead.

With a book on fatherhood as a gift, you are acknowledging his new role and helping him prepare for the adventure of a lifetime.”

Tarun SahaTarun Saha
Co-founder and CEO, StallionZo

Functional and Stylish Diaper Bag

“An expecting father is going to need a functional and stylish diaper bag he can carry with ease while caring for his little one. A backpack-style bag with plenty of room for diapers, wipes, bottles, extra clothing, and other essentials is a good choice.

The bag should be ergonomic, with straps that disperse weight across the back and shoulders, and durable enough to withstand everyday use. A darker color, such as black or navy blue, will suit most dads’ tastes, while also being practical and easy to clean.

This thoughtful gift will help the new dad be prepared and stylish when he’s out and about with his new bundle of joy.”

Anirban SahaAnirban Saha
Founder, MrPlanter

Dad Jokes Books for Laughter and Joy

“For Father’s Day gifts for expecting dads, there’s one thing that’s an absolute winner: a dad jokes book. This thing will turn that soon-to-be dad’s sense of humor to a whole new level. Picture this: late nights with a newborn, sleep-deprived and delirious.

That’s when this little gem comes to the rescue. Packed with groan-worthy puns and one-liners, it’s going to be his secret weapon to keep the laughter going even during those bleary-eyed moments. Whether it’s cracking up his buddies or making the baby giggle, this book is a goldmine of dad-approved hilarity.

And here’s the best part: it’s a present that never runs out. He will always have jokes to tell because this book is an everlasting source of fun. So, ‌make Father’s Day extra special with a dad jokes book. It’s going to bring laughter and joy to the journey of fatherhood.”

Matt GehringMatt Gehring
Chief Marketing Officer, Dutch

Promote Equal Parenting With Books

“Becoming a father is an enormous change, and for many, the reality doesn’t quite sink in until their baby arrives. Culture often pushes them to take a particular role (and for most responsibility to be placed on the mother…).

However, equality and sharing responsibility for a baby’s care helps not only distribute that mental load but also helps hugely with child/parent bonding. We always recommend looking at gifts which encourage and celebrate this, including books like Fair Play Life by Eve Rodsky or The Equal Parent by Paul Morgan-Bentley.

Jessica HighamJessica Higham
Marketing Manager, Onoco

Personalized Journal for Emotional Journey

“One gift that I highly recommend for an expecting father on Father’s Day is a personalized journal, diary, or book. Becoming a father is a transformative and emotional experience, and having a dedicated space to document thoughts, feelings, and memories can be incredibly meaningful and valuable.

A personalized journal or a book allows an expecting father to capture the unique journey of becoming a dad. It provides a space to express excitement, concerns, and hopes for the future.

Other than that, one can also go for some dad-related books. These books will make the expecting father motivated and excited about his child.

When choosing a personalized journal or a book, consider selecting one with a design or inscription that resonates with the father-to-be. Opt for a gift with high-quality paper that can withstand the test of time.”

Sarah Holmes
Homesteader, WhatYurt

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