7 Best Gifts for Mothers Day (Over $150)

gifts for Mother's day over $150

7 Best Gifts for Mothers Day (Over $150)

Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show your love and appreciation for the special mothers in your life. However, finding the right gift can be a challenge, especially if you want to go above and beyond the typical flowers and chocolates.

To help you make this Mother’s Day extra special, we reached out to several business leaders for their recommendations on the best gifts for this occasion that cost over $150. From luxurious spa treatments to personalized jewelry, read on for their top picks to make your mother feel loved and appreciated on her special day.

  • A Family Photo Session
  • A Home Assistant Device
  • Take Your Mom on a Trip
  • A Smartwatch
  • The Peloton Bike+
  • A Luxury Spa Day
  • Designer Throw Pillows

A Family Photo Session

“Family photo sessions can feel complicated and quite pricey, which is why a lot of busy moms like myself skip them. As my kids get older (they’re 9 and 8 now!), I realize more and more that I can’t go back and wish I’d scheduled more family photos.

Gifting a mom with a photo session removes a layer of friction from the process. It helps her make creating those priceless memories a priority rather than something she’ll get to, eventually. Moms won’t have to spend time finding a photographer, getting quotes, choosing a place, etc. She can spend more time thinking about what she wants out of the photo shoot and enjoy the process (and the outcome, of course).”

Alli HillAlli Hill
Founder and Director, Fleurish Freelance

A Home Assistant Device

As someone who loves technology, I strongly believe that gifting a home assistant device to your mother for Mother’s Day is a fantastic gift idea. These devices, such as Amazon Echo and Google Home, can help your mother with everything from setting reminders and alarms to controlling her smart home devices. Plus, they’re great for keeping her up to date on the latest news and weather forecasts.

If you’re not sure which device to choose, Amazon Echo Dot andGoogle Nest Mini are great options for their affordable prices and compact size. For a more premium option, consider theAmazon Echo Show, which features a built-in screen for video calls and streaming shows. Regardless of which device you choose, your mother will appreciate the convenience and ease of use that these home assistant devices offer.

Take Your Mom to a Trip

“In the age of consumption, when we buy a lot of unnecessary things, we often forget about something priceless – time and attention. Instead of buying your mother an expensive gift, why don’t you take her on a trip to somewhere special?

It could be a weekend getaway to a place she’s always wanted to go or just spend quality time with her at home. This way, you can bond together and create lasting memories of your time together, which will last much longer than any material object. Plus, it’s an experience that she won’t forget anytime soon.”

Michal JoncaMichal Jonca
Community Manager and Travel Leader, US Visa Photo

A Smartwatch

Gifting a smartwatch to your mother for Mother’s Day is a wonderful way to show her that you care about her health and well-being. These devices are not only stylish but also incredibly functional, helping your mother track her daily activity, monitor her heart rate, and stay connected with notifications and messages.

Some great options to consider include theApple Watch Series 6, Samsung Galaxy Watch3, andFitbit Sense. Each of these watches offers a range of features, from fitness tracking to mobile payments, and are compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Additionally, you can customize the watch face and bands to match your mother’s personal style.

With a smartwatch, your mother can stay on top of her fitness goals, stay connected with her loved ones, and look great doing it.

The Peloton Bike+

“If you’re looking to give your mom something unique and truly special this Mother’s Day, look no further than thePeloton Bike+. This innovative piece of technology not only promotes physical fitness, but also offers a sense of community and support through the live and on-demand classes available. Peloton offers a wide range of classes, from cycling to yoga to meditation, meaning your mom can personalize her own fitness routine.

The Bike+ offers new features such as automatic resistance control and an adjustable screen that rotates 360 degrees to make it easier for riders to get off the bike for floor exercises. With this gift, you not only show your mom how much you care about her well-being, but you also open the door to a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for health and fitness.”

Jefferson McCallJefferson McCall
Co-founder and HR Head, TechBullish

A Luxury Spa Day

I strongly believe that gifting a luxury spa day to your mother for Mother’s Day is an exceptional gift idea. Our mothers work tirelessly to care for us and our families, often neglecting their own needs in the process. A spa day offers the perfect opportunity for them to relax, unwind, and focus solely on themselves for a change.

A day filled with pampering treatments, like massages, facials, and body wraps, can leave them feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. Furthermore, this gift shows your mother that you appreciate her and recognize all the hard work she has put in over the years. Trust me, giving your mother the gift of relaxation and self-care is something she’ll truly cherish and remember for years to come.

Designer Throw Pillows

“A designer throw pillow is a luxurious and thoughtful way to show Mom how much you appreciate her. It will add a touch of elegance to any room in her home and serve as a reminder of your love. The high-quality fabric, intricate stitching, and unique designs will help make it last for years to come. Plus, this gift will show Mom how much you care and it won’t break the bank.”

Shelby Oliphant, Director of Operations, Bryar Wolf

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